Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Used vehicles sales fell 10% during 2009 after seven years of constant growth. But vehicles that have come off the lease or are resold to dealers and have been thoroughly inspected before sale are a rising segment in the used car market. Pre-owned cars are becoming an increasingly important segment for dealers but also for automakers.

Luxury automobile manufacturers began programs for certified pre-owned cars in the early 1990s when cars coming off the lease were traded for new models. For them, such vehicles meant maximizing the revenue from their products through cars that have been sold once and which could create brand loyalty. 

Certified pre-owned cars are a new category of used cars that offer the advantages of both new and used vehicles. You can get more for the money you pay, just like with some used cars, but you can also rest assured of the quality of the car as it is guaranteed by its manufacturer or another independent agency. If you are thinking about buying the pre-owned BMW then visit www.lecouter.be/tweedehands-bmw

Such vehicles must be inspected, refurbished until they are in an almost new condition and they get certified by either the auto manufacturer or an independent certifying agency. Usually, they come with a factory-backed warranty, just like a new car.

Certified pre-owned car programs include extended manufacturer warranties, title verification, roadside assistance, return exchange policies, or dealer compliance. One of the most important features is the certification inspection process. When buying a used vehicle, comprehensive service history is a must. Since the introduction of computerized ignitions or engine-control modules, most repairs cannot be done outside dealerships. And there are so many used automobiles that you should always look for the best value for your money.