Plumbers May Need to Take Boiler Training Courses In Victoria

One should always check that the plumber is qualified to perform boiler installations. Blane Judd, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering, expressed concern that people do not realize that registering for boiler Safe alone is not enough to demonstrate a professionally qualified plumber.

According to Mr Judd, some people mistakenly believe that the boiler Safe registration includes other aspects of the pipeline besides working with gas.You can also avail the benefits of boiler training courses via

He said: “boiler safety registration is only for boiler and gas. All other aspects of public safety related to plumbing and heating are covered by the skills and qualifications a plumber must have to perform a safe job.”

The media found an unqualified plumber when it was discovered that a widow had been using unsanitary water for two years because a plumber incorrectly connected the faucet to a flooded water tank after installing a new water heater.

Complex boiler installations should only be carried out by persons who have completed boiler training.

The commercial boiler course is designed for people already working in the boiler industry and can equip them with the skills and knowledge to undertake an ACS assessment.

The training program is tailored to local ACS certificate holders who need to be replaced and existing commercial boiler operators.

Conducting a commercial boiler course does not automatically entitle the applicant to undertake an ACS assessment; However, applicants will be evaluated to determine their progress and suitability to undertake the ACS assessment.