How BTS Revolutionized K-Pop Fashion For The World

BTS members are all known to have individualistic styles and have the highest net worth among their South Korean counterparts, but above all, they are known to set new standards for fashion. K-Pop represents a new age of music, dance, and most importantly fashion, with each album coming with new concepts, visuals are integral to the genre’s appeal.  Each outfit worn by idols has fans raving and imitating their favorite idol’s looks, with these idols and groups serving as major global fashion influencers.

All BTS members are known for their own individual styles ranging from streetwear to luxury brands. The good news for fans is that now anybody can imitate their favorite BTS style without spending too much on luxury brands. Clothing stores like have made it easier for you to just look like your favorite celebrities and buy BTS-inspired clothing without breaking the bank. 

Jin is known for his effortless classic style in Givenchy, Suga for his minimalist looks from Fear of God and Mastermind, RM loves his Japanese comfy streetwear from Yamamoto, WTAPS, and NEIGHBOURHOOD, J-Hope is the ultimate hypebeast in KAWS, Supreme, and Balenciaga, whereas V and Jimin always sport Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Gucci, lastly Jungkook’s favorites are from Carhartt.

Last year, BTS made fashion news with custom Dior tour stage outfits by Kim Jones which featured bomber jackets, cargo pants, and shirts, also incorporating a variety of hats, bags, boots, and harnesses created in collaboration with Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama. Besides their tour outfits, BTS has had many memorable fashion moments in their music videos, interviews, and red carpet looks in 2019.