Working With Cancer Patients

Registered nurses often decide to concentrate in certain regions of medicine. 1 such place is oncology – the branch of medicine that works with cancer patients. Nurses that are trained in oncology can take part in many different procedures like cancer exercise specialist certification via .

The duties of oncology nurses comprise esophageal cancer, caring for patients who have been treated with radiation, and functioning in different fields of cancer therapy. As you can imagine, oncology nursing demands the capability to offer relaxation emotionally in addition to physically. You will often be working with individuals

Who've life-limiting disease and are addressing the psychological problems that surround their illness. You will also have to have the ability to manage problems around death and grieving.

To be able to be a certified oncology nurse or OCN, then you are going to need to meet several requirements as soon as you've become a registered nurse. You are going to need to work for a minimum of one year as an RN. Additionally, you will need to log 1,000 hours at an oncology setting in three decades before applying to your certification.

You will also need to take 10 hours of continuing education in school. Eventually, you are going to need to take a test in oncology nursing until you can be accredited. As soon as you make your OCN, then you are going to need to continue to take education classes to maintain it.

That is a field that's in demand. With the baby boomers generation growing older, there'll be more prevalence of cancer in the populace. Specially trained nurses will be necessary to keep up with the need of individual requirements.