Why Furniture Companies Choose CGI Over Photography

Whatever industry you're in, a picture will be the key to your marketing and promotional efforts. This is true for both furniture marketing and retail. The best companies have a team of marketing and advertising experts that can create visually appealing portfolios. These portfolios are then displayed in the profile section of the company to highlight the uniqueness and quality of their products.

Marketing and branding professionals have been using various forms of 3D modeling to create CGI product pictures for over a decade. The technology advanced further and allowed companies to combine it with traditional photography to create better products.

cgi product images

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Reasons Furniture Marketing and Manufacturing Companies Choose 3D CGI over Photography:

3D CGI is cost-effective

Furniture companies often spend a lot of money to obtain high-quality images for their websites and marketing campaigns. Studio photography sessions usually involve renting the space, overhead costs, and hiring photographers. 3D CGI is more affordable as the majority of the work can be done remotely.

Product 3D renderings are easier to customize

Furniture companies often offer a variety of styles and colors to suit different customer needs. Marketing is crucial to show potential buyers the available options. 3D CGI will help furniture designers avoid this problem by allowing them to begin the customization process with the base image.

3D imagery is not only for big companies

Studio photography sessions can be expensive, and many small or medium-sized businesses cannot afford to pay for traditional photoshoots. Many businesses, including small and start-ups, can afford 3D modeling.