Everything You Need To Know About Keloid Scars

You already know what a scar is, but have you ever thought about the different types of scars? For those who have keloids, you've noticed that several scars may be more serious than others.

A keloid scar is one of the worst forms, and individuals generally seek alternative treatment and removal. You can also consult a dermatologist to get the best keloid scar cure.

Let us respond to some questions popular keloids, talk about why keloid scars that are different from the other, and find a possible treatment and removal options.

Exactly what is Keloid Scar?

Keloids certainly are various types of scars as they gradually grow and cover areas beyond the limits of the initial injury. They rose above the surface of the skin, often irregularly formed, and may enlarge slowly.

They often appear smooth, shiny, dome-shaped, and pink or purple coloring. They have not reduced as well as the other scars, making them very difficult type to treat and reduce.

Keloids Can Be Prevented?

Keloid prevention difficult, and, understandably, the easiest way to avoid keloid is not to get one to start with. You may consider that you have a greater tendency to keloid scar if your skin is darker or have family members with keloids.

You need to prevent elective surgery and procedures such as piercings if you find you may have an increased susceptibility to keloid.