An Informative Guide to Family Care

Family Care is a Medicaid long-term care program for frail seniors and adults with physical, developmental, or intellectual disabilities. Program participants receive long-term care to help them live in their own homes whenever possible.

It is very helpful to develop an ongoing relationship with a preclinical doctor for your family protection because they have gotten to know you over the years. Therefore, they are more likely to notice changes in their health.

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Doctors can treat minor acute problems such as colds or flu, and help you manage a chronic disease. On your first visit, the doctor will ask about your family medical history, especially of major diseases such as cancer, and drugs you are taking if you have any symptoms.

Your doctor may schedule tests to check your symptoms. Even if you do not worry, a blood test is usually ordered to check cholesterol levels and your blood sugar. You will get the results a few days later and I'll call the doctor or nurse if there is a problem. If your doctor decides that you need further examination or test, he will refer you to a specialist. 

You can find a great family doctor for your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. If you are not satisfied with the doctor at the first visit, especially if he has a fever and did not answer your question, then saw another doctor.