How to Effectively Use Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is by far one of the simple relaxation techniques that have been proven to relieve stress and ameliorate its harmful effects on your body. These techniques involve entering into a trance state or a so-called out of body state. Although it is difficult at first, with practice, you can learn to control your thoughts, emotions and even your body's physiological functions when you master the technique of guided meditation.

So, how effectively you can use guided meditation and tame it for your own personal gain? Here are some of the perfect methods that can help you to use meditation as a powerful relaxing tool. First, you have to go into the most comfortable position that would be relaxing for you. No specific position; You can lie down, lie in an armed chair or even sit cross-legged on the bed. You just have to relax, but be careful not to take a position that will bring you into sleep. However, guided meditation is also useful for getting sleep. You can find the best guided sleep meditation program on Awakened Mind App.

Next, you have to get relaxed. Deep slow breathing is a good method for relaxation and is good preparation for meditation. Another way to relax is to close your eyes and concentrate on your stresses. Then, focus on these stresses and try to force them out of every part of your body; arms, legs, hair, eyes….etc.

Once you are relaxed it is time to start the most important step in your meditation session; out of body experience. Close your eyes and imagine your soul moving out of your body and floating above your head. This step needs training as you might not be able to envision this the first time you try it out. Once you feel your soul is floating, try to imagine traveling to a place that is indulging and relaxing to you.