Heartburn Remedy: Discover How To Relieve Heartburn Pain And Discomfort!

For heartburn sufferers, there is usually an ongoing struggle to find a permanent cure for heartburn. Not all medications will work for everyone, but there are natural remedies and medications you can take to relieve heartburn. Some are medicinal, while others require simple lifestyle and diet changes that can reduce or even eliminate the uncomfortable burning sensation that defines heartburn symptoms. 

One way to identify the cause of heartburn is to keep a record of the things you eat and the activities that occurred before the onset of heartburn symptoms. Once you understand what causes heartburn, you will quickly find the right heartburn medication. 

Heartburn Medicine:

There are many over-the-counter (OTC) heartburn medications available, and your doctor will likely recommend you starting here. Antacids work quickly to neutralize stomach acid, but the results and relief are usually short-lived.

For an anti-acid agent that lasts longer, you can use H2 blockers, which actually reduce the amount of digestive acid your stomach produces. These medications are available under trade names such as Pepcid and while they are effective for long-term treatment. However, it is also claimed that acid reflux drugs cause cancer if taken for a very long term without a prescription from a doctor.

Common heartburn drugs tied to higher risk of death

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Natural Treatment For Controlling Acids:

Most natural heartburn treatment involves avoiding foods and activities that cause painful symptoms. One of the first places to look for someone to blame is your food choices. Some of the most common causes of heartburn are chocolate, mint, raw onions, fatty foods, and carbonated drinks. Tomatoes as well as fruit and orange juice, are also common causes of heartburn. If diet changes don't work, you can move on to lifestyle changes that include exercise, not smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight.