Your First Meeting With a Mortgage Advisor in Ontario

When purchasing property in Ontario, it is important to seek the advice of a mortgage advisor in Ontario. There are two main types of mortgage advisors available – a single lender advisor and an independent mortgage advisor.

Both have their pros and cons. A single lender advisor works either in a bank or a building society and is only able to offer you products that are available from his or her employer. You can also know more about lowest mortgage interest rates online at

.Unfortunately they are unable to help you with advice relating to other products or provide information outside of their company. An independent mortgage advisor normally has their own office or works with an estate agent and has access to the entire market. This means that you are able to access every mortgage from every lender.

However, independent mortgage advisors might not have access to some special product packages that are offered by high street banks.

Once you decide which mortgage advisor in Ontario you would like to use, you should set aside at least an hour or two for your first meeting. Getting a mortgage is a very important aspect of your life and is something that you should invest your time into ensuring that you are making the right decision.

Take in proof of identification and proof of earnings for the last three months or so. Mortgage advisors will need other sorts of information, but this can be dealt with as your application progresses.