Some Main Types Of Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic motors are mechanical components attached to chains, pumps, valves, filters, hoses, metal pipes, and other suitable parts. Without this device, the hydraulic motor will not respond properly to the pressure of the controlled fluid. 

To suit specialized equipment in many industrial applications, hydraulic motors are designed and manufactured in three main categories. You can also visit the website to know more about hydraulic motors.

Hydraulic Motor

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These gear motors, propeller motors, and reciprocating motors. Despite the total capacity of cooperation, they have their characteristics.

There are two types of gear motors. They are internal and external. For the former, the output shaft and inner-outer gears are placed inside. The latter type is designed with a single housing corresponding to the gearbox. The two main parts of these two main types are responsible for the flow. 

In addition, the propeller motor is popular in the market of various hydraulic motors. It must be constructed of a rotor with slots on the drive shaft, like tool blades.

In addition, the third main type of hydraulic motor is called a reciprocating motor. And two versions are available for practical use. There are axial and radial piston motors. This means that the type of rotation is different. 

Hence they are applicable in two corresponding areas. For example, radial piston motors are widely used in vehicle and aircraft engines, as well as in some large equipment.

In short, this type of hydraulic motor is trying to improve the efficiency and accuracy of industrial development, and lead modern industry to a bright future.