Need Of Landscape Professionals in Maryland – What You Need to Know

The focus for landscape contractors is building or implementing the plans of landscape architects, developers, and landscape designers. For residential work, there is generally nothing they can't achieve, in terms of building others' designs and they may have their own designer or design staff. They are usually insured and bonded.

Landscape contractors are usually at the high end of building costs. They often have considerable overhead so must add a profit onto all materials and labor so the bottom line tends to be high. You can also choose Best Landscaping Services in Maryland by Local Landscaping Company.

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.Their use of plants is often very ordinary and repetitive and their designs can be uninspired – but there are exceptions. Get all agreements as contracts, not estimates, ask to see a portfolio, and for references.


Someone calling himself a landscaper is usually a garden maintenance person. He will generally have a small truck with a trailer, a couple of professional lawn mowers, string cutters, electric pruning shears, rakes, shovels, and brooms.

There is usually little or no education behind the landscaper though there may be experience and they will often contract to install gardens. These people should not be used as designers, generally, unless they offer that and have a portfolio.

Even many nurseries have landscape operations which include design and installation. Generally overseen by someone who came up through the horticultural industry with an education in horticulture, these can offer turn-key services and guarantee the plants.

They will usually give you a design for little or no cost as they will make their money on the plants and the installation. Normally they can contract for residential-scale hardscaping such as walls, patios, irrigation systems, and such.