Different Types Of PPG Car Paint In NZ

Here are some pros and cons to consider when painting your car. Urethane PPG Paints – It is also very affordable and dries quickly. Experts say it has excellent finishes and doesn't leave any lines. You can also visit panelstore to get more detail about ppg paints in NZ.

Car Paint

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It is resistant to chipping and won't fade easily. The PPG paint can last up to 10 years if you take care of it. The main problem with the paint is its tendency to give cars a plastic-like appearance, which can be unpleasant to look at.

Acrylic PPG paint – You can choose between two types of paint. One that requires a clear topcoat (known as a two-stage system) or one that doesn't need it (known as a single-stage system). It gives outstanding results and is recommended.

This gloss is ideal for people with no or little no painting experience. It is easy to use and can easily achieve a high gloss finish. It tends to form hard shells when applied by professionals. Its main drawback is its soft nature, which means it doesn't last very long. It can easily wear out when exposed to UV or chemicals. You will need to reapply for it every now and again.

It is also very difficult to apply, which can make painting difficult. You will need to wear personal protection equipment while applying the paint. You can even search online for more information about PPG paint.