Choosing A Ketubah – Things To Think About As You Shop In Israel

Most ketubah are sold online these days, though you can also find them at Judaica shops, museum stores and synagogue gift shops. It's a good idea to put some time into searching for what you like, as there are so many artists out there, and not all of them are carried by the big online stores.

In addition, if you order directly from the artist, in most cases you will get faster and better service by dealing directly with the experts and not through middlemen. If you are looking to buy the best Ketubah designs, then you can also pop over to this site.

Ketubah is one of the few things at your wedding that really goes beyond the day, so it's not something to be sorry about. It will hang on the wall in your home for the rest of your life together! Find a ketubah that you both really like. You will not regret.

When looking for a design you like, here are a few things to keep in mind and keep in mind:

1) Did you like the text offered?

2) Can you change the text or write your own?

3) If you write your own text in a ketubah, do they offer a translation service?

4) Can you speak to the artist directly if you have any questions/concerns, or do you have to use an intermediary? (Since buying a tube usually only happens once in a lifetime, most people have questions!)

5) Does your rabbi/singer agree with the choice of text?

6) Are you satisfied with the size of the tube? Is the design you like available in different sizes? Remember to let the plinth and frame in and add a few inches in height and width when considering how much space they take up on your walls.