Car Paint Care Techniques

Buying a car includes a long process of decision-making involving a set of influencing factors. One of the most important of them is the color.

A car paint job is one of the most notable features and expensive to replace and repair. That's why it's good to know the techniques of proper car paint care that will add years to the life and luster of your car's paint with nanotec paint sealant.

 paint sealant protection

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Cleaning refers to getting rid of defects such as oxidation, swirls, spots, overspray, and all the outer surface of fragments of the outer surfaces to achieve crystalline reflections and long-term protection.


In a burst of the show car, you mustn't skip the polishing step. Polish your car paint repairs the damage caused by the sun, foreign bodies, contamination, and washing or drying with poor washing gloves and towels.

Polishing can be carried out using mechanical polishing with a particular polishing machine and clear buffers which a thin layer of transparent varnish of a car to remove scratches and swirls top of a painted surface.


The protection involves the application of a protective material (liquid or paste) which protects against foreign objects adhering to the surface of the vehicle, including water, bug splatter, dirt, and tar. Waxes and sealants offer this barrier against these difficult issues.