Effective Marketing Strategies Using Web Push Notifications

Using Web Push incorrectly will only result in permanent and serious damage to the brand, leaving customers with a complete blacklist of your business and products in the long run.

Personalization and Creativity – The most important aspect of web messaging is that it can be used to target your customers directly. 94% of your current subscribers reply to messages that have a name or are personalized for them which is a better way to connect with your potential customers.

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Use your backend data and keep it updated by observing the behavior of your customers indicated in the notification. This allows your customers to be micro-segmented and helps build your business and brand.

Make sure your login window is specific and customers can choose what they want to tell you. Take, for example, a customer who regularly checks your website for lifestyle discounts on winter boots. She may see notifications like “Exclusive winter boots sales. Get your favorite now!".

It will also provide you with a target audience for all of your campaigns. This, in turn, will help you develop a winning strategy.

Be creative in your message and make sure it is simple but clear. Keep it up to 10 words or less with action words like "Review", "Shop Now", and more. Images always speak to content; However, make sure the product is compatible with your product.