Is It Time to Look for a New Financial Advisor?

If you are currently working with a financial advisor, be sure to read the following scenarios. While we all like to believe that our investments will secure our financial future, this is not always the case.

The story goes that a person or company hires a consultant to invest in a certain fund with the idea that the money will grow for a certain period of time. Even though the market is doing well overall, individuals notice that their specific system is not performing as well as they would like. 

When reviewing monthly reports, clients have questions, so of course, they will seek answers from their professional financial advisors. The once very helpful and personal advisor suddenly became oblivious and no longer answered questions with the confidence he had when he first started processing investments.

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Does the above scenario sound like your financial advisor? It's a shame, but it actually happens more often than we all want to think. If your "once handy" and the confident financial advisor doesn't have the answers to your basic investing questions, maybe it's time to join. Here are a few more signs that it may be time to start looking for a new financial advisor.

Does your financial advisor no longer take your calls? A reputable financial advisor should be on hand to explain your investment, answer questions about costs, and remain available even after your plan is complete.