Do You Have Glaucoma?

One of the main causes of blindness in the world is glaucoma. It is not only because of the aging population but also in large part many people who are affected do not know they have glaucoma. 

Thus it is highly recommended to visit a glaucoma ophthalmologist whenever you are facing some visual problems.

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Glaucoma is a type of eye disease that progressively damages the optic nerve, change the optic nerve head and retina. Two theories have been put forward for the cause: 

1.  'Mechanical' theory states that the pressure of the aqueous humor aplenty causes damage to the optic nerve tissue.

2. 'Vascular' theory asserts that optical damage due to rotten nerve because of malnutrition. 

A new third theory postulates that a change in the internal pressure of the eyeball damages the retina and optic construction. However, the third theory is still under close study.

The impact on individuals suffering from glaucoma can be seen in their movements. Patients tend to move slowly because they can not easily see what is in front of them, and consequently suffer more falls than average. 

If you have blurred or unclear vision, maybe you should have your eyes checked for glaucoma. There are therapeutic and remedial measures on how to minimize the impact if it cannot be completely cured.