How Sunflower Oil Is Made

Have you ever seen in movies where the Greeks sat and compressed olives between two bowls until the liquid was produced? The same concept applies to sunflower seeds when sunflower oil is produced.

Another term for compressing sunflower seed kernels is called cold pressing. Not only is no chemical used to extract the oils, but there is no heat during this cold pressing process. 

Cold-pressed sunflower oil is also known as unrefined oil because it has not gone through many procedures to become the consistency we all know. The flavor is also more prominent and complete.  You may buy Pure & Fresh Organic Sunflower Oil Online at Ostro Organics.

Chemical extraction is widely used today. Because the seeds undergo many chemical changes, the consistency often changes and makes the oil constantly refine into the sunflower oil we know today. The main reason people started using chemicals to obtain the oil is that they noticed that it was more stable at high temperatures during cooking and frying.

The process is relatively simple and easy to perform as long as you have the right equipment. Compressing the cores will be more difficult than one might think due to the amount of force that needs to go into the process. You can also see the difference between naturally extracted and chemically extracted oil. Cold-pressed sunflower oil has a brilliant golden color that looks richer and denser. If this oil has not leaked, you will notice turbidity or pieces floating in the liquid.

Sunflower oil that was extracted by a chemical process appears lighter in color. The flavor is also mild and often you won't be able to smell the oil. There are benefits of both types of extraction methods.