Online Password Safety – Tips For a Stronger Password

Online security must always be a number 1 priority. Using an online password vault means you can safely store your username and password details for websites with and they'll always be completely safe. You can get a secure password vault manager through for your password safety. However, the password must be safe in the first place and the practice of a good password is half the battle for online safety.

Below, you will find a shortlist of excellent password tips.

1. Never use a common word (you should never use an uncommon word either). Words you can find in a dictionary are a big no-no. Similarly, never use a consecutive string of numbers (or letters for that matter). Notable culprits are '123456', 'abcdef' and 'password'.

2. Your password must be at least 8 characters (longer the better).

3. Never use information that people may be able to find out about you i.e. the street you live on, the company you work for, or the name of a relative.

4. Use a random selection of uppercase and small letters, numbers, and punctuation. Having at least 1 of each is a good idea, having 2 of each even better! Some websites and services may not allow punctuation in a password but you must at least aim for the number and characters of the top and bottom cases.

There are many great websites that rate password strength. One of which ranked 'Y£0nG12' as being 72% strong; add a simple + (so it becomes 'Y£0nG12+') and it rises to 98%! Compare this to '123456' which has a strength of only 4%. This means a password cracking tool will take seconds to crack '123456' but a lot longer for 'Y£0nG12+'.