Benefits of frozen meat

Depending on how your meat supplier decides to freeze your order, if they "freeze" your meat this will help lock in the flavor and nutrition of the meat and ensure that: you can  buy the best- frozen food items via

  • Keep it fresh – with a specially adapted freezer that allows you to cool meat faster than traditional home freezers. This method ensures that your meat remains juicy and that less fluid is lost
  • Fewer bacteria – freeze in the freezer immediately after digging, twice as cold as your home freezer, this prevents the development of bacteria and possible disease

Benefits of frozen meat

As mentioned earlier, advances in refrigeration technology mean your order can be delivered right to your doorstep within 48 hours without losing your natural kind.

  • Vacuum packing – vacuum packing immediately after thread fitting. This will help regulate the taste of your meat, prevent bacteria from developing, and keep it fresh for longer. In addition, vacuum packaging has been shown to prevent juice leakage (helps keep meat moisturized) and protect the meat from knocks, knocks, and burns in the freezer.
  • Hydrated Ice Plates – These special plates are pre-cooled before your steak is packed so that your meat stays cold without freezing during transport
  • Gel food wrappers – often used in conjunction with hydrated icing, they work together to increase cooling time
  • Temperature Control Box – This case is made from closed cell unbound polyethylene. They prevent heating and keep your order cool to the temperature set by your icing

With such extensive packaging, it's easy to see why this cooling method has become more popular than frozen meat.