Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

A phase 2 environmental assessment (also known as a phase II ESA) will only be carried out after the first ESAs (phases I )have been completed and thoroughly investigated. 

If this initial assessment leads to the conclusion that material is completely contaminated throughout the site, phase 2 phenomenal site assessment will take place. 

Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

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These special assessments are also referred to as the removal and feasibility study stages and processes, primarily because they consist of a process of developing methods specifically designed to remove these special properties.

What does a phase II ESA cover – Several different steps have been taken at this stage to completely address all the problems in this particular assessment. 

After completing the first phase of Phase II environmental assessment, the next step is to monitor the foundations erected during this stage. For example, an implemented recovery plan is closely monitored to ensure that it is as efficient and effective as planned. 

If changes and modifications are required, these should be documented and made according to the updated approval by the same environmental authority. While there is clearly a lot of evidence related to Environmental Assessment Phase II, it is important that this part of the process is taken seriously. 

Bear in mind that there must be good reasons for the investigation process this far. Therefore, obtaining the necessary documentation is a process that should not be taken lightly.