The Secret of Elite Shungite

Elite mineral Shungite is a unique rock formation, formed from 98% carbon. It is only found in Russia's Karelia region, near a place called 'Shun'ga', which is where he got the unusual name. While the first record of the stone used was in 1719, it is estimated 2 billion years old.

Local communities have been using stone for centuries for its healing properties. Today, it is known for its ability to purify water, which was so effective that the water in Lake Onega, where Shungite found, can drink without treatment. You can also buy shungite water kit via online sources.

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Rock contains 98% carbon, making it very efficient in filtering toxins from the water. carbon fullerenes in shungite elite attract and neutralize waterborne contaminants including bacteria, nitrates, metals and pesticides, so you can be sure you're in the water bath pure as possible.

Elite Shungite not affected by chemicals that may be in the water flow or piping system. In combination with Vitamin C our shots, can effectively remove the chlorine from your shower water.

Not only purify water Shungite Elite also provides that energy. This, along with the natural antioxidant properties, meaning that elite shungite water can help relieve muscle tension, aches and pains.

It's no secret that we love vitamin us, that's why we try to pack vitamin C for most of our products. We also appreciate any mineral instill into our bathing water and not just the elite shungite. It is packed full of oxygen, calcium and magnesium, which are important for healthy skin and hair.