What Makes Slab Leaks Dangerous?

Leaks of water from concrete foundations can lead to many issues. A few of these problems could cause dangerous conditions and, in turn, cause serious health issues and the resulting consequences. Therefore you can hire slab leak services through www.wootenknockoutplumbing.com/plumbing/slab-leak-repair/ in order to fix the issue.

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Additionally, slab leaks can get worse over time and may require extensive and costly repairs. It is therefore essential to fix and address slab leaks when you learn about the issue. Learn more about why slab leaks are risky and how to identify the warning signs.

Slab leaks the majority of the time they are the result of clay underneath the cement foundation. The reason for these leaks is that clay expands and shrinks. If moisture levels are constantly fluctuating, the clay expands when dry and shrinks when dry. This results in the shifting and heaving of the soil surrounding it. This results in putting too much pressure on concrete, causing it to shrink and rise as well. The constant movement could damage the plumbing pipes beneath and cause cracks and eventually into a leak.

If you are concerned about slab leaks Be alert to hear the sound of water running. If you can hear the sound of running water even when the faucets are shut off, it could indicate that there is water flowing somewhere in the vicinity of you, most likely beneath your feet. The most obvious indication is the presence of water stains or wet patches on your flooring or the stink of mold on your carpet. It could be because you notice that the water heater is cracked. Another typical sign is a likely excessive water usage bill that doesn't decrease the following month.