All About Counseling And Therapy Services In Silicon Valley

Clients frequently use the terms counseling and psychotherapy interchangeably but it may be useful to explain some of the differences between the two.

Here we discuss in detail about therapy and counseling assistance in Silicon Valley:

Counseling– The counselor listens with full attention without interrupting for corrections, analysis, or advice. The therapeutic value of being truly listened to should not be underestimated. Deep listening seldom takes place in ordinary conversation, where each person is evaluating the validity of what the other person has said or thinking of his or her next response.

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A counselor may help someone in trouble to recognize his or her thinking as being distorted in some way, at odds with objective reality, perhaps exaggerating the negatives while overlooking the positives. Ideally, a counselor will lead the distressed person out of confusion by eliciting ideas for dealing with a situation instead of just providing answers.

Psychotherapy also involves carefully listening in order to understand the presenting problem and to detect the presence of unexpressed issues. A psychotherapist invokes techniques learned during professional training to help a client effect changes in his or her life. 

There currently exist some fifty different therapeutic techniques, with Adlerian Therapy, Animal-Assisted Therapy, and Art Therapy at one end of the alphabet and Spiritual Therapy, Systems Therapy and Traumatic Incident Reduction at the other. 

But all have in common the application of specifically chosen techniques to bring about change. In general, psychotherapy takes place over an extended period of time and usually relates a client's current difficulties to life-long, even multi-generational, patterns of behavior.