All About Scrap Transformers

When some people see the term “used transformer”, the commodity market certainly plays a role. With the market steadily declining over the last six months to a year, it's important to focus on creative ways to save money and get the most out of your legacy transformers.

While the total recoverable value is important, it is equally important to assess the hidden costs of the recycling process and what you can learn from getting the right generator scrapping service.


We'd like to share some of the ways we've helped our customers save money and gain insight from their transformer recycling projects.

We often find that discarding transformers is a late thought in the overall planning of a power transformer replacement project. We aim to get involved early to help our customers assess where we can help them save money and time in their process.

While not every project can be completed this way, we work to think outside the box and use our unique expertise to better serve our customers. Another way we use our methods and equipment is through our transformer failure analysis proposal. 

 While it is difficult to pinpoint numbers, we believe that investigating transformer failures can be invaluable, often leading to success with warranty and insurance claims, or simply by providing the knowledge to better maintain a fleet of transformers.