Contact Waffle Pods Manufacturers To Build Slabs

Wafer bowls are a stronger, smarter and more responsive way to build concrete slabs to ensure your project uses less concrete for maximum cost effectiveness. You can buy waffle pods via as they are a more reliable and less expensive way to build concrete slabs for residential and commercial construction. 

Using state-of-the-art technology, the unique brick model of the pod system was developed for superior foundation strength, more efficient construction and insulation, and a more sustainable solution for concrete slab construction. Made of lightweight molded polystyrene, it is easy to handle and install so concrete can be poured on time.

Waffle Pod Slab Design has a strict quality assurance program in place to ensure that only the highest quality pods are delivered to facilities near your place. The strength test was carried out one hour and five days after curing. Our pods will not be shipped unless they meet the strength test criteria.

This way you avoid unwanted costs caused by damage to the shell in the concrete slab and injuries at work. Waffle pod price is calculated per pod and quantity required. 

You can choose from our standard wafer pod sizes or customize your size and shape specifically to fit your concrete slab design. We can offer prices for single-family homes, for multi-family homes with accessories.