Warehouse Inventory Control And Management

Inventory control and management systems are designed to meet various production and distribution needs. Control and management systems are available for physical operations management, including building physical analysis, property management, and building layout with rack and strip optimization.

The use of warehouse equipment can also be monitored using wireless RF technology connected to the system via wireless site survey. Wireless technology can also be extended to loading and unloading vehicles. The information provided by the wireless system is uploaded in real-time to software specially developed for facilities warehouse inventory administration.

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This software is available for various companies. Various software systems offer many possibilities for small, medium, and large companies.

The Windows-based inventory control and management system is designed for small businesses with 10 or fewer concurrent users and can run on the company's network. Mid-sized companies can choose between software developed for operation on their network, or opt for a web-based system.

Web-based systems work well for many site operations. Microsoft SQL Server systems designed for medium and large applications provide seamless user access. More robust Oracle-based systems were developed for companies that operate globally and require secure Internet operations.

Computer systems with real-time radio frequency barcode technology and handheld barcode scanners offer additional tracking solutions as they enter and move through the warehouse. When selecting and executing an order, individual products can be scanned.