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Sea moss can also be referred to as Chondrus crispus Irish the moss or even carrageen. It is a species of red algae indigenous to areas of Atlantic regions. Sea moss is usually found throughout the Atlantic shores of Europe as well as North America. It can be found in different shades ranging from dark red to dark brownish-purple or greenish-yellow.

A nutritiously abundant, small-sized sea algae rich in protein, minerals, iron, and sulfur source. Sea moss is very good for our health. You may visit to know where to buy raw sea moss products.

The health benefits and uses:

Irish sea moss with nutrients, including protein as well as minerals like calcium magnesium, magnesium, iodine, and iron. It is a wealth of health benefits which makes it the most sought-after sea moss.

Weight Loss: 

Consuming sea moss helps regulate your appetite and affects metabolism positively. Irish moss aids the positive bacteria in our digestive tract to help digestion. The bioactive components found in sea moss enhance the feeling of fullness which means you consume less food to keep a healthy weight.

Red sea moss, also known as red seaweed may help prevent weight gain by reducing the body’s rate of fat absorption as well as promoting the breakdown of fat and burning it off.