What is the difference between counseling and therapy? There is a significant overlap that counseling and psychotherapy are about overcoming personal difficulties and enabling change. The methods used are similar and partially identical; the difference has more to do with goals and interests and the environment in which the counselor or professional therapist works. You can also get more info about psychotherapy and counseling at https://mindandbodyworks.com/

Both the counselor and the therapist decide whether or not to seek additional medical and psychiatric advice and usually refer to the appropriate specialist during a consultation with the client's GP. (Counseling and Psychotherapy Resource Guide 1995)

It is often believed that psychotherapy is more direct and examines the influence of the past and history on answers to "here and now" questions. However, consultants can do more with crisis intervention. However, the difference between counseling and psychotherapy is not an issue that should concern those seeking help. Anyone seeking counseling or psychotherapy does not have to be in a crisis situation; many come to improve aspects of themselves and their lives or to understand how to treat others and improve their quality of life.

In transactional psychotherapy, a whole set of techniques is included in the therapy and adjusted individually, regardless of the problem. 

Transactional analysis is a theory of personality structure developed by Eric Bern in 1956. His theory is based on observations of certain behaviors of individuals and their relationship to one another