You may be able to do this, but it's not guaranteed. There are several SUP instructors and rental companies that make their living on SUP alone, but most have to do something else.

Some support their SUP business by working in other water sports – for example as instructors and freelance coaches, while others do this in conjunction with part-time or seasonal work. Those who can work as a full-time company often work antisocial for work. You can get more information about top standup paddle board yoga business via

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If you are wondering if there is still room for new business, you need to find out if SUP is still growing or not. One way to check this is to see how the number of searches for a particular phrase on Google has changed over time using Google Trends.

SUP demand was higher in 2018 than in 2019, so in some places, you can conclude that SUP has reached its peak. However, looking at the general trend, the glorious times we have in 2018, and the less resounding 2019.

If you are not yet a qualified instructor or if you don't have much experience in water sports, it may be too early to start thinking about running a SUP business. But we do know some people who go from zero SUP to SUP heroes in a few years with the right instructions, have had enough time to paddle behind them, and know where their limits are.