Abstract art takes subjects from reality but presents them in a way that is different from how we view them in reality. Living rooms are the core space in a home. It's that one common square where all the other squares of the house overlap. 

Whatever be the style of your living room, formal, informal, or semi-formal, its purpose is usually to socialize and interact. Thus it's the one space in the home that deserves a generous dose of art. You can also click at the following source/link to know more about to buy abstract wall art :

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Here are few tips on why art is a must-have for living rooms:

1. It's a great conversation starter

Art brings with itself many perceptions and interpretations that make it a perfect ice breaker when it comes to conversations. 

How one interprets a piece of art also speaks volumes about one's views and ideologies of life. In fact, a conversation about art is a great way to understand compatibility.

2. It adds character to a room

It's like the finishing touch to your living room. Its colors or lack of it, its texture, definition, and personality add character to a room and make it a complete picture. Depending on the kind of art you choose, you can lend a contemporary, classic, or fusion look to the living room.