A Facebook Chatbot is a new chatbot that integrates seamlessly into the Facebook Messenger platform and makes it possible for you to conduct real-time customer support through chat or via the web. Chatbots are designed to automate the entire process of many basic customer support requests and help automate the entire interaction with customers in a way that is convenient and efficient. The use of chatbots on Facebook allows for customers to get answers from you in the same way that you would be able to answer questions over the phone while keeping your contact information in the palm of your hands.

Using a Facebook Chatbot means that customers can send a message to you through the Messenger application without having to leave the Messenger chat area. It is also possible for you to receive messages sent by the users. In other words, the Chatbot is like your personal assistant who can take over many of the functions associated with a sales representative. Here are some of the major uses of Messenger Chatbot.

The first and foremost use of a chatbot is for sales representatives. If a sales rep needs to receive any form of feedback from a potential customer, they can send an inquiry message to a chatbot which will perform the necessary queries on the behalf of the sales representative. In this way, the sales rep does not have to spend time explaining the features and benefits to the customer in order to get them to purchase the product.

Chatbots also help to ease customer concerns which may be related to technical issues, warranty, and customer support. For example, if a person has an issue with their computer they can simply type in their computer's model number to get an answer from a Facebook Chatbot.

Another way that customers can benefit from using chatbots is that it allows them to share feedback with other customers. You can post comments on your products and services as well as provide updates and news on new products and services.

One of the best ways to utilize chatbot is to use them in providing updates on various news websites such as BBC, CNN, and others. By posting news in a news section of the blog, customers can find news about a certain product in a quick and convenient manner.

There are so many different types of ChatBots available on the market today. It would be wise for you to select one which is compatible with your company's specific product or service so that the ChatBot is able to perform effectively.

You should make sure that when you choose a Facebook Messenger Bot you choose one which is compatible with all types of computers, tablets, mobile phones, and operating systems. You also need to ensure that you choose one that is easy to install and use and works with a wide variety of devices.

In addition, when selecting the Facebook Messenger Bot you should always choose one that is user friendly. You should also make sure that it is easy for customers to communicate with and follow.

Another great way to use a ChatBot is to use it to notify customers about any new sales promotions, special offers, or seasonal sales. If you can include a widget within the blog then you will increase your chances of customers coming back to read more articles and to buy the products or services that you offer.

When a user signs up for the Facebook newsletter then they are automatically invited to read further information about any specials that they may qualify for. It is also a good idea to include a widget within the blog which will allow them to make purchases at a discount from your website.

Finally, there are many other uses of Facebook Messenger which include the ability to inform customers about sales and promotions that are currently occurring throughout the world. This will ensure that a greater number of people come to your site.