A gas mask is a device that aids and protects the user from inhaling gas, smoke or other poisonous fumes. In the article, you will find out about different benefits of using gas masks.

There are many benefits to using a gas mask, both in the short and long term. In the short term, using an air mask can protect you from harmful gasses and particles in the environment. 

The difference between a gas mask and respirator is that a respirator fits around the mouth, nose and sometimes over the eyes while a gas mask fits over your entire face and includes a breathing tube which brings in air through your mouth. 

In comparison to a gas mask, a respirator offers better protection than an ordinary gas mask because it can be fitted tightly to protect against gasses or dust from reaching your lungs. 

A good respirator uses an updated filtering system that filters out large particles such as glass, wood, plastic, metal and other harmful materials. If you are using an ordinary gas mask, then you have no choice but to wear it tightly all the time or else particles will enter your lungs as you inhale normally.

The respirator should always be kept clean by washing it with clean water every now and then. It can also be cleaned with alcohol-based products or disinfectants. Do some research and find the best one for your needs.