Outdoor Floodlights are not just ordinary lights. They are wide-beam luminaires that provide intensive lighting for outdoor areas. They are quite expensive; it is not reasonable for a homeowner to purchase commercial grade floods when other types would be suitable for normal residential use. One of the most popular floodlights available for domestic use is halogen lights. Which emit light beams that are ideal not just for outdoor parties but also for security goals. With halogen lights, you can be ensured that a guest would not complain that your yard is not properly lighted.

Compact fluorescent reflectors (CFLs) are another popular option for American homeowners. With an output of 10 to 40 watts, CFLs provide reliable outdoor lighting all year round. In addition, compact fluorescent lamps are more energy-efficient compared to halogen lamps. Hence, you get the added benefit. Save on your electricity bill by opting for compact fluorescent lighting. Outdoor spotlights are also becoming increasingly popular these days. There used to be only 40 and 70 watts LED bulbs in the market. Even some models are now capable of reaching 100 watts or more.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to light up your exterior, you can go for solar-powered floodlights. With the energy of the sun, such lights would not consume any part of your monthly energy bill. Lighting such as LED, CFL, or halogen lights. If you are looking for maximum illumination for safety reasons, solar reflectors are not the right choice.