If your home is found to be in danger of developing dangerous mold growth, you should take the next steps. It is best to have your house tested for mold growth. It is the best way to avoid the health risks associated with high levels and mold spores in your indoor air. There are some companies that provide the best Cavity removal in Orlando.

These steps will help you to successfully remove mold and make your remediation process as efficient as possible:

You should ensure that there is clear access to the mold remediation area.

Mold remediation requires extensive equipment. It is important that you keep the area where mold remediation will take place free from obstructions. 

It is important to keep your pets and children away from the area that will be treated for molds. The remediation company should have access to the garage and any other space that is near the area where they can lay plastic sheeting or hoses.

Use a Biocide to kill the mold

Mold remediation involves two steps. First, spray the mold colonies with a biocide approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Once the biocide has been applied to sufficient areas, allow it to dry for at least one day. After the treatment is completed, the solution will continue to kill mold spores. 

Spray the remediation area with an Encapsulant

It is not enough to completely clear an area of molds and spores from the first step described. After one day of treatment with an approved biocide has passed, the remediation zone must be sprayed with paint or whitewash to seal out any mold spores remaining. This will ensure that there is no future mold growth after the remediation process.