Many people don't clean their windows enough. While it is common to clean your windows once a year, this is not sufficient in many cases. Window cleaners are unanimous in their recommendation that your windows should be cleaned at least once every six months. Businesses should clean their windows at least once every three months. Clean windows will make your office look neater and cleaner. You can find the best and reliable window cleaner services at

Here are some professional tips for brightening up your windows. These tips should not be considered a replacement for professional cleaning services.

1: It is best to clean windows from the top down. This is the best way to clean your windows. Professional window cleaners recommend this method because it leaves no streaks. The professionals also suggest that you wipe any water streaming down from the top to the base of the window to remove any liquid. 

2: Use an eco-friendly cleaner

Most of the off-the-shelf window cleaners contain ammonia, which can make them hazardous. You can make your own window cleaner using items in your kitchen. Mix white vinegar and warm water. All window cleaners recommend this safe and effective product.

3: Work on tall windows

It is usually a good idea for tall windows to be cleaned by a professional. You can save money by using a garden hose. Use a window cleaner to clean the cloth, and attach it to one end. Spray water through the cloth onto your windows. 

4: Protect your flooring

Many window cleaners we spoke with said that the best way to protect your floor is to cover it in old newspapers. This will protect your flooring from any stains.

5: Use off-the-shelf cleaners

Do not use regular clothes to dry windows if you plan to use off-the-shelf cleaners. Newspaper is better than regular cloth because it doesn't leave behind water stains when the window dries.